On average, a hotel spends around 5% of its annual turnover on energy. By pooling electricity and gas purchasing volumes, we can help you reduce these costs by up to 30%, regardless of whether you’re a small, owner-run business or international hotel chain. See for yourself!

It takes a lot of energy to ensure the comfort of your guests

Hotels not only have high energy requirements during peak season: Lots of energy is required for the restaurant kitchen, heating the rooms and providing hot water. Significant output is often required for air conditioning and spa areas. Your goal of ensuring the comfort of your guests and their return is therefore associated with high energy costs.

Johannes Schuetze AG offers an effective way of reducing these costs in the long term: We pool the electricity and gas requirements of many different hotels and businesses to create a large order volume, which we then put out to tender when the conditions are favourable. This allows us to generate energy cost savings for you of up to 30%!

"We’d never have believed that Johannes Schuetze AG could obtain better rates than our industry purchasing syndicate!“

Nora and Joseph Oelkers, Romantischer Winkel


Perhaps you’re already a member of an industry-specific energy purchasing syndicate? However, our experience shows that we can obtain far better terms with our pooling principle, even if the syndicate has many members. We are the largest independent energy pooler of electricity and gas orders in Europe. That’s why our services are also extremely attractive for large national and international hotel chains.

Our collaboration with the „firstclass“ magazine highlights our commitment to your industry. This magazine focuses on both editorial topics as well as economic benefits for its reader base. Subscribers to firstclass in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can thus benefit from our pooled energy procurement as part of a reward campaign.

"As a hotel group with high energy consumption, optimising our electricity and gas procurement soon paid off. We’d award Johannes Schuetze AG five stars without hesitation.“

Edgar Miller, Hotel group owner (Hotel Ambiente, Hotel Brauhaus Bückeburg, Montana Hotels, Hotel Kronprinz, Maitre Wild, Hotel am Schlosstor)

"As a subscriber to firstclass, we used the reward campaign to reduce our energy costs. We’re thrilled that the magazine continues to think outside the box and support our industry with clever partnerships.“

Gudrun Rademacher, Posthotel Mittenwald

„Für uns als Hotel-Gruppe mit großem Energieverbrauch hat sich die Einkaufsoptimierung bei Strom und Gas schnell bezahlt gemacht. Wir würden der Johannes Schuetze AG dafür sofort fünf Sterne verleihen.“

Edgar Miller, Inhaber einer Hotelgruppe (Hotel Ambiente, Hotel Brauhaus Bückeburg, Montana Hotels, Hotel Kronenprinz, Maitre Wild, Hotel am Schlosstor)

„Als Abonnent der firstclass haben wir die Vorteilskampagne genutzt, um unsere Energiekosten zu senken. Wir freuen uns, dass das Magazin immer wieder über den Tellerrand schaut und unsere Branche mit klugen Kooperationen unterstützt.“

Gudrun Rademacher, Posthotel Mittenwald

"I began my professional in the hotel industry and therefore know how important it is to remain competitive. We can optimally support you by reducing costs in the energy sector!“

Johannes Schuetze, Executive Board Member of Johannes Schuetze AG


Why wait when reducing operating costs is such an important matter to your hotel? Even if your existing energy contracts still have a while left to run: Send us your hotel’s last two electricity and gas invoices today and we’ll analyse your savings potential using our pooled energy procurement under no obligation. You’ll not only save money, but will also receive a four-year price guarantee to help your economic planning, regardless of whether prices on the market rise. So, get started today and benefit tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you!

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