Purchasing energy as cost-effectively, reliably and predictably as possible over the long term is of central importance for municipal utilities. After all, every euro saved benefits the municipal budget or strengthens the utility provider´s competitiveness. Through our bundling of purchasing volumes, we gain extremely advantageous purchasing conditions for electricity and gas for you, which can only be achieved with extremely large procurement volumes.

Economic energy purchasing requires time
and expertise

For municipal utilities, energy purchasing is a time-consuming task. Forecasts have to be made and the expected demand has to be ordered years before the actual delivery. Often, the majority of the calculated electricity volume is purchased on the futures market of OTC trading. Since prices fluctuate greatly here, it is important to find a time when energy is offered at a favourable price when concluding an EFET contract.

If you want to buy electricity and gas on the EEX power exchange, you not only need to have a licence for which you have to pay, but you also need to know how best to act strategically on the exchange. And even if you as a buyer ultimately achieve satisfactory prices here, these can still be beaten by a clever purchasing model: the bundling of purchasing volumes on a large scale. Johannes Schuetze AG has been successfully applying this type of purchasing optimisation for years.

Best prices through bundled procurement

The principle is as simple as it is logical: We bundle the electricity and gas needs of municipal utilities and companies into a huge volume that gives us a certain market power. We then put this mega volume out to tender on the international energy market. Since we know how the procurement markets work and constantly keep an eye on the cycles, we can anticipate the best time to tender. As a result, we realise extremely attractive price advantages for you when purchasing.

"Municipalities benefit from the savings from energy purchasing in many ways. For example, they can represent an attractive contribution margin to the budget. Those who act as energy suppliers themselves secure important competitive advantages.“

Johannes Schuetze, Executive Board Member of Johannes Schuetze AG

We know your challenges - and understand our business

As an individual bulk buyer or member of an association of municipal utilities, you may already have been able to optimise your energy purchasing. However, we are not a purchasing association that concludes framework agreements on volume prices. As Europe’s largest independent energy pooler of electricity and gas volumes, we place individual tenders on the market at a favourable time and thus achieve far better conditions for you. The contracts are concluded in your name and give you price certainty for the next few years. This means you can plan for the long term and are independent of expected price increases on the energy market.


Take the first step now to sustainably reduce your electricity and gas costs by contacting us. We will be happy to advise you and analyse the savings potential that our bundled energy purchasing offers you as a municipal utility. We look forward to hearing from you!

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"When it comes to procurement, we are happy to take your individual requirements into account - for example, with regard to green electricity or a special energy mix. Since we put our bundled volumes out to international tender, we can also achieve the best prices for you here.“

Johannes Schuetze, Executive Board Member of Johannes Schuetze AG