For energy-intensive businesses such as the metalworking industry, low electricity and gas costs are a key factor in remaining internationally competitive. Those using industrial electricity pay fewer taxes, levies and charges, yet are continually faced with rising price trends. Using our principle of pooling large order volumes, we’re able to negotiate individual electricity and gas contracts for you to achieve significant cost savings for your business.

High electricity and gas costs threaten
the economic viability of industrial enterprises

Blast furnaces, steel mills and production lines: The energy requirements are extremely high for many industries. This not only applies to electricity. The majority of processes in the food, mineral, metal and chemical industry only function using process heat, for which large quantities of gas are required. While the use of energy efficiency potentials can help to reduce the requirements, it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to exploit them. On the one hand, reduced consumption hits process-related limits. On the other hand, increased product demands, diminishing raw material quality and increased automation lead to increased consumption.

Energy therefore needs to be purchased at the most affordable rates possible. This is where Johannes Schuetze AG can help.

Best rates through pooled procurement

Our energy procurement model is based on a special principle: We pool the electricity and gas demands of industrial businesses into one large volume. We then put out a call to tender on the international energy market when the conditions are favourable. Through the market power achieved by pooling, we’re able to negotiate individual electricity and gas contracts which will guarantee significant savings over several years.

We understand your challenges as well as our business. We consider all factors when negotiating your contracts, from the manufacturing location to the legal relief rules for your industry. We analyse your company’s usage beforehand. How high is the base load? What has previously been done to reduce peak loads and minimise grid charges and costs for additional load blocks? Another aspect involves looking at how your company plans to develop. Are manufacturing changes in the pipeline? Or is the number of sites due to increase?

In order to negotiate the optimum terms, we also use our own energy price forecast. This focuses on the supply and demand developments regarding electricity and gas. Based on an accurate observation of international markets and energy exchanges as well as trend analysis, we create a medium and long-term price development forecast. This is also based on discussions with decision-makers in the field of politics and economics as well as energy experts who increase the validity of our forecast. Regular adjustments are continuously made to ensure we’re up to date.

“Our procurement experts are just as comfortable dealing with the EEX as they are the international market. Through constant communication with key players, they are in a position to anticipate any energy price-related changes early on and integrate them into our forecasts.”

Johannes Schuetze, Executive Board Member of Johannes Schuetze AG

We offer long-term price security

Based on a detailed analysis of your requirements and our expertise, we’re able to ascertain which procurement model is the most suitable for your company. Johannes Schuetze AG covers the entire range of procurement strategies, from traditional full supply to key date procurement and the tranche model.

As an industrial consumer, you might have already been able to negotiate good electricity and gas terms. However, our experience has shown that as Europe’s largest independent energy pooler of electricity and gas orders, we can obtain far better energy prices for you. Financial statements are made in your name and cover a multi-year period. This lets you plan for the long term without worrying about price fluctuations on the energy market.


Take the first step today and contact us to reduce your electricity and gas costs. We’ll be happy to advise you and analyse the savings potential that our pooled energy procurement offers. We look forward to hearing from you!

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