It’s great for garden centres, tree nurseries and landscaping businesses when everything is growing and thriving. When we talk about the growing in energy costs however, the smile quickly disappears. That’s why we support you through our procurement pooling to reduce your electricity and gas costs in the long term – up to as much as 30%.

It takes a lot of energy for everything to be in bloom
and business to flourish

We don´t tend to think of companies in the green sector as being large-scale energy consumers. However, they often are. A lot of energy is required for refrigerated bouquet warehouses and to water and heat greenhouses. Electricity and gas are significant cost factors for the greenhouse cultivation of vegetables and ornamental plants in particular. The increased technology used in gardening and landscaping businesses keeps driving energy costs up.

Johannes Schuetze AG offers an effective way of reducing your high energy costs over the long term: We pool purchase quantities of many different operations in the horticulture sector into a mega volume which we then put out to tender on the market. This allows us to obtain significantly cheaper electricity and gas rates for each individual business.
You’ll save up to 30%!

„Damit Bäume in den Himmel wachsen – von der Einkaufsersparnis der Johannes Schuetze AG pflanzen wir jederzeit wieder einen!“


We know your industry and understand our business

Perhaps you’re a horticulture business that has already tried negotiating better terms with your energy supplier or are already a member of a purchasing syndicate? We observe again and again that even syndicates with many members don’t obtain the same terms that our pooling principle does. We are the largest independent energy pooler of electricity and gas in Europe. As a result, our services are also extremely attractive for large-scale horticulture businesses and cross-regional chains.

Our commitment to your industry can be seen through our collaboration with TASPO. This renowned specialist magazine has developed the exclusive TASPO bonus for its subscribers, allowing it to support the economic interests of its reader base. Benefit from our pooled energy procurement as part of this bonus concept and enhance the competitiveness of your horticulture business!


"I consider horticulture - whether retailers, landscaping or tree nurseries - as an industry with lots of potential and am delighted to be able to support its success with our procurement concept.”

Christoph Jäger, Sales and Back Office at Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG Süd

Herr Jäger

Einkaufsoptimierung mit besten Referenzen

Für uns als Johannes Schuetze AG gilt das Gleiche wie für Ihre Branche: Zufriedene Kunden sind das A und O. Hier eine Auswahl an Gartenbau-Unternehmen, die durch uns bereits von signifikanten Einsparungen im Energiebereich profitieren.


Reducing operating costs is not something to put on the back burner. Take the first step today and send us your last two electricity and gas invoices, even if your existing energy contracts are still valid for a long time. We’ll analyse your savings potential: without obligation and free of charge. We’ll then negotiate the best terms with an established energy supplier which are guaranteed for four years regardless of market developments. In other words, you’ll not only save money but can also benefit from long-term planning security!

So, get started today and benefit tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you!

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