No matter whether you’re a small butcher shop or large-scale operation with multiple branches, energy is a high cost factor in the butcher trade. We can handle the electricity and gas procurement for you to help you achieve significant savings. The benefits for you: You’ll pay up to a third less and profit from a four-year price guarantee!

Quality and freshness are essential for butchers but are also associated with high energy consumption

A butcher’s energy costs can account for up to 5% of turnover. Electricity consumption represents around 70% of these costs. As you’ll know from experience, refrigeration is a real energy guzzler but is essential for storage, smoking or ageing rooms. In addition, much heat is needed for heating, hot water as well as cooking, frying and baking can be added to this. And if you also offer a party and catering service alongside your hot food counter, this drives up energy costs even more.

This is where effective energy procurement by Johannes Schuetze AG comes into play, helping you save up to 30% on your electricity and gas costs. The principle behind it is both logical and clever: We pool the energy demands of various butchers and businesses into one large volume. We then put out a call to tender on the energy market when the conditions are favourable. The energy supplier who offers the best terms is then awarded the tender.

"We, the family business innovation butcher FriMobil, have an increased electricity demand, especially due to our franchise and online shop departments. Thanks to Johannes Schuetze AG, we save 16% on electricity costs per year, which allows us to invest in even more customer service, for example in the form of more agile sales concepts for our customers."

Johann Wiesneth, Butchery FriMobil


„Von den Rabatten auf die Ökostromumlage, die die Politik energieintensiven Unternehmen eingeräumt hat, profitieren wir als Handwerksbetrieb leider nicht — dafür ist unser Strombedarf zu gering. Deswegen sind wir sehr froh, dass wir jetzt mit der Johannes Schuetze AG Energiekosten einsparen können.“


We know your industry and understand our business

As an individual business, it can be difficult for you to negotiate better energy prices since almost all energy suppliers offer fixed terms which are primarily based on purchase volume. Perhaps this has led you to join an industry-specific purchasing syndicate? However, our experience has shown that we can obtain far better terms with our pooling principle, even if the syndicate has many members. This is because we are the largest independent energy pooler of electricity and gas in Europe. Our services are therefore extremely attractive for large butcher businesses with multiple branches.

Your trade is close to our hearts. This can be seen through our collaboration with the industry publication FH Fleischer-Handwerk. The specialist magazine goes far beyond editorial topicsand is even for the economic benefit of its loyal readers. As a subscriber, you can benefit from our pooled energy purchases and enjoy exclusive savings.


"We have no reservations about new concepts. We were the first butcher in Bavaria with the ecoBOX and one of the first in Germany and Europe. It was similar with the purchasing principle of Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG Süd. Since then, we have benefited from favourable electricity and natural gas prices."

Barbara und Ludwig Filser, Filser – the butcher!

"The production of meat and sausages is a specialist trade that I value deeply and want to support with our energy procurement principle.“

Friedrich Streng, Executive Board of Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG Süd


Einkaufsoptimierung mit besten Referenzen

Für uns als Dienstleister im Energiebereich gilt das Gleiche wie für Ihre Branche: Zufriedene Kunden sind das A und O. Hier eine Auswahl an Fleischerei-Unternehmen, die durch uns bereits von signifikanten Einsparungen bei Gas und Strom profitieren.


Your operating costs as a butcher are a key factor when it comes to staying competitive. So don’t delay and lay the foundations for substantial savings today. All you need to do is send us your last two electricity and gas invoices, even if your existing energy contracts are still valid for a long time. We’ll then analyse your savings potential free of charge using our pooled energy procurement principle. We will then negotiate affordable electricity and gas rates for your butcher business, which are guaranteed for a period of four years regardless of market fluctuations. This not only saves you money but also ensures long-term security for your economic plans.

So, get started today and benefit tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you!

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