Anyone wanting to secure themselves a share of the cake among the competition needs to produce their bakery products efficiently. However, electricity and gas prices continue to rise year after year. That’s why we support you through our procurement pooling to reduce your energy costs in the long term – and up to as much as 30%! This gives small artisan bakeries and bakery shops with multiple branches the same economic opportunities as large-scale bakeries with baking systems that produce over 1,000 loaves of bread an hour.

Save on electricity and gas costs without compromising on the quality and variety of your bakery products

Bakeries are one of the highest energy-consuming trades. Most of the energy is required for baking as this demands high oven temperatures. Even the latest models of energy-efficient deck and rack ovens still consume a lot of energy. Increased automation along with a rise in demand for frozen goods drive energy costs even higher. Semi-finished products such as dough are often stored in a fridge for several days before they are used. Fermentation cabinets, proofing interruption and fully automatic proofing units also work with expensive cooling.

Johannes Schuetze AG offers a new opportunity to quickly and effectively reduce your high electricity and gas costs: We pool the order volumes of many different bakeries and businesses to create a mega volume. We then put out a call to tender on the energy market when the conditions are favourable. This allows us to obtain significantly cheaper electricity and gas rates for each individual business. You’ll receive your electricity and gas from a trusted supplier while saving up to 30%!

„Die Ansprüche unserer Kunden in Bezug auf ein breites Backwarenangebot werden immer höher. Hier können wir keine Abstriche machen. Durch die Kosteneinsparungen im Energiebereich, die uns die Johannes Schuetze AG ermöglicht, konnten wir unser Sortiment sogar noch erweitern.“


We know your industry and understand our business

Perhaps you’re a small business that has already tried negotiating better terms with your energy supplier with regards to commercial electricity and gas rates? Or perhaps you’re already part of a purchasing syndicate for your industry? Our experience has shown that even dedicated purchasing syndicates with many members don’t obtain the same terms that our pooling principle does. This is due to the huge volumes that we are able to offer as Europe’s largest independent energy pooler of electricity and gas on the market. As a result, our services are also extremely attractive for bakery chains with multiple branches, large bakeries with many baking systems and producers of frozen goods.


"Optimising energy costs are our daily bread, so to speak. Our pooling principle has long since proven itself on the market and offers unique advantages for all of our industry customers!“

Friedrich Streng, Executive Board of Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG Süd


Einkaufsoptimierung mit besten Referenzen

Für uns als Dienstleister im Energie-Sektor gilt das Gleiche wie für Ihre Branche: Zufriedene Kunden sind das A und O. Hier eine Auswahl an Backbetrieben, die durch uns bereits von signifikanten Einsparungen im Energiebereich profitieren.


There are not all that many strings you can pull as a bakery business in order to reduce your operating costs in the long term and increase your competitiveness. So don’t delay and lay the foundations for substantial energy savings today. Simply send us your last two electricity and gas invoices, even if your existing energy contracts are still valid for a long time. Our experts will then analyse your savings potential with no obligation for you. If you’re happy with this, we’ll negotiate affordable electricity and gas rates for your bakery business, which are guaranteed for four years regardless of any price increases on the market. This not only saves you money but also ensures long-term security for your economic plans.

So, get started today and benefit tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you!

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