Johannes Schuetze AG has been firmly established on the market for many years and enjoys the trust of a number of large and small business in a wide variety of sectors. With its flair for innovation, vision and expertise, the company is continuously expanding its portfolio of services to ensure dynamic growth in all business areas.

Europe’s largest independent energy pooler

Treading new paths to offer companies economic relief and help them remain competitive is the founding idea upon which Johannes Schuetze based his company. After forming the company in 2014 success soon followed. Johannes Schuetze AG is currently Europe’s largest independent energy pooler of electricity and gas volumes.
Three sales companies are united under the company umbrella: Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AGs Süd, West and Nord. Each of them has their own industry expertise and market knowledge of a specific cluster of target groups.


Pooled energy procurement

The main focus of Johannes Schuetze AG lies in the area of energy procurement. Unlike the consumer market with its comparison sites and corporate purchasing syndicates, it follows its own principle: Pooling order volumes into one larger one, which is then put out to tender on the market at the right moment. This allows the best electricity and gas terms to be negotiated.

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Property consulting

The property division, in which Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG Nord is active, currently focuses on hotel properties but also covers other commercial buildings. Its proven expertise in the hotel market makes the company a competent partner when it comes to buying and selling hotels. With the support of a global network, attractive marketing opportu-nities can be seized and investors acquired.

“My father, Werner Otto, found success with the principle of collective orders with Otto Versand. Johannes Schuetze AG uses a modern version which saves hoteliers a lot of money.”

Frank Otto, Executive Board of Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG West

Unsere Referenzen

Die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden steht für uns im Zentrum unseres Handelns. Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl an großen und kleineren Unternehmen aus verschiedenen Branchen, die bereits von unserer Einkaufsoptimierung für Strom und Gas profitieren.

“Our company’s success is also based on the fact that we know almost all of the major energy players on the market due to our frequent tendering. This benefits our customers in many ways.”

Johannes Schuetze, Executive Board Member of Johannes Schuetze AG