“Think big while looking to the future” is Johannes Schuetze’s motto. But it doesn’t stop there. The founder and CEO of Johannes Schuetze AG has always been focused on vision and bringing future-oriented ideas to life. His success has proved him right.

Theory and practice:
Johannes Schuetze masters both

In 2013, when Johannes Schuetze began his degree in Business Economics at Harvard University in Cambridge, he’d already gathered plenty of practical experience. Following his A-levels at Ökumenisches Domgymnasium in Magdeburg, he completed a hotel apprenticeship at the Kempinski Taschenbergpalais in Dresden. He worked at the Mandarin Oriental and Crowne Plaza Hotel in New York City. Equipped with the business-related and practical knowledge acquired, he received an opportunity to take on a managing role at a large hotel in the USA. One of the secrets of cost reduction and thus his road to success lay in procurement. Here, the focus wasn’t on quick situation-based solutions but rather strategic planning to obtain better terms with large volumes.

The idea was born, but not in the sense of a purchasing syndicate, which usually generates cost savings through framework agreements. The basic concept involved putting pooled mega volumes to tender on the market. Back in Germany, Johannes Schuetze founded his own company and has since introduced the concept of optimised energy procurement to many different industries.

Analytical approach

Professional negotiations with energy groups and successful trading on international electricity and gas markets not only requires sound know-how but also the ability to anticipate changes and navigate different energy price scenarios. The electricity and gas price development forecasts by Johannes Schuetze and his team of experts provide the analytical basis for cost savings from which the company’s customers can benefit.

Strong partners

The success of Johannes Schuetze AG is owed to the various individuals involved. As part of the company expansion, the founder attracted new strategic partners and experts to his team to perfect the existing procurement models and continue tapping into new areas. The industry know-how within the company now extends far beyond the hotel industry.

“Our partnership with Johannes Schuetze is very inspiring. He’s a visionary and innovative thinker, while at the same time having a sense of what’s feasible. This is a good combination for achieving goals in business circles.”

Frank Otto, Executive Board of Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG West


Die Zufriedenheit der Kunden steht für die Johannes Schuetze AG im Zentrum ihres Tuns. Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl an großen und kleineren Unternehmen aus verschiedenen Branchen, die bereits von der Einkaufsoptimierung für Strom und Gas profitieren.

“The stories of great entrepreneurs who managed to transfer a successful principle to multiple other areas have always fascinated me. That’s also possible with our pooling principle.”

Johannes Schuetze, Executive Board Member of Johannes Schuetze AG