The energy saving model has different mechanisms depending on the industry. That’s why three sales companies are formed under the umbrella of Johannes Schuetze AG which oversee different customer groups and represent the company’s strengths with their industry specific knowledge.

Growth through partnerships with expert players

The signs have pointed towards growth ever since the launch of Johannes Schuetze AG. Today, the company group is Europe’s largest independent energy pooler of electricity and gas on the procurement market. This success has been driven by strong sales companies. As part of an expansion, Johannes Schuetze was able to acquire a partner for each of these companies, which are characterised by extensive industry know-how and many years of experience. This allows smaller commercial businesses such as bakers or butchers to be as professionally supported as large, energy-intensive industrial companies. Synergy effects which enhance the company’s range of services repeatedly come into play. For example, Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG Nord not only oversees large hotel chains in the area of energy procurement but also uses its market knowledge when it comes to buying or selling hotels or other commercial properties.

Johannes Schuetze Holding AG

Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG Nord

The Vertriebs AG Nord oversees energy procurement optimisation for large hotel chains and is active in the area of global hotel and property buying and selling.

Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG West

The Vertriebs AG West specialises in energy procurement for public utility companies and industrial companies in various sectors.

Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG Süd

The Vertriebs AG Süd oversees long term reduction in energy costs for hotels and customers in medium sized companies.

Is your industry not listed? Or perhaps you’re interested in more than just saving electricity and gas costs? Then we are the right partner for you. Johannes Schuetze AG stands for dynamic growth. We’re continuously expanding our range of services. We now have the ability to quickly familiarise ourselves with new industries and use the synergy effects of our long standing expertise to your advantage. So, don’t delay and contact us today for a personal consultation!

“We’re also exploring new, innovative paths in the area of sales. For example, we speak to subscribers of specialist magazines in the commercial sector directly about the option of cheaper energy procurement. In doing so, we cooperate with leading magazines and publishers.”

Friedrich Streng, Executive Board of Johannes Schuetze Vertriebs AG Süd

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Die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden steht für uns im Zentrum unseres Handelns. Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl an großen und kleineren Unternehmen aus verschiedenen Branchen, die bereits von unserer Einkaufsoptimierung für Strom und Gas profitieren.

“Our company group is well-placed with renowned partners and experts such as Friedrich Streng, Frank Otto and Resa Etmenan. They are also playing a key role in the expansion of the company. I’m glad to have them by my side!”

Johannes Schuetze, Executive Board and CEO of Johannes Schuetze AG